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Thursday 10/22 7:30 pm Group Akashic Past Life Session.

We will start with a relaxation meditation. I will then lead you through a guided mediation to journey to a past life. I will ask you questions about what you see. (I will give you a handout with the questions). You will exchange knowledge and healing with your past self. After your journey you will have some quiet time to journal your experience. At the end you can share your experience with the group (optional). Click on the link below to save your spot. $20pp limited to 10.


Mini Akashic Past Life Readings
Sunday September 25 2pm-5pm
$25 for 30 minutes (for first time past life reading only)

How can visiting a past life help you today?
Before you come for your reading think of an issue that you are working on. Using your issue we will set your intention to guide you to your destination. By visiting a past life you can see where the issue started and sending healing to your past self. You may also see a past life where you handled the issue with ease.

What are the Akashic records?
The Akashic records are angelic records that contain information about many things including past lives and soul contracts. They are accessed with the help of the angelic record keepers.

What is an Akashic Past Life Reading like?
We will set the intention of your journey. We will do a quick relaxation meditation. Through a guided mediation you will journey to a past life. I will ask you questions about what you see. I will take notes for you to reflect on later. You will exchange knowledge and healing with your past self. We will then discuss your journey and how it relates to your issue.

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Chakra Tune-up



We all need a chakra tune-up from time to time to keep them in balance.  There are 7 major chakras or energy centers in the body.  If these energy centers become blocked or out of balance it can lead to physical, mental, emotional or spiritual challenges.

Do you need to feel more grounded?

Do you need to feel more creative?

Do you need more self confidence?

Do you need more compassion & love for yourself and others?

Do you need to be more expressive in your communication?

Do you need to feel a deeper  connection  to your intuition?

Do you need to feel a deeper  connection  to your divinity?

These are just a few examples of what chakra balancing can do for you.

I am offering a Chakra Tune-up treatment where we will identify which chakra needs some attention.  I will use cards, reiki and essential oils to help identify and release any blocks.  You get to take home an essential oil roll on and instructions on how to work on this chakra at home.  I personally blend the essential oil roll on for specific chakra work. I also add a crystal to the bottle specific for that chakra.

Schedule online at Schedule a regular reiki treatment and put in the notes that you would like the chakra tuneup.